Yosemite National Park Landscape Photography Workshops

One-on-one live, personal, custom coaching now available.

No more boring tutorials.
No more searching on-line.
No more waiting for tech support emails.
-and best of all-
No more wasted time!

If Photoshop intimidates you, or if you are having trouble with one of the software titles listed below, I can help.  There’s nothing like personal, looking-over-your-shoulder instruction to help solve problems, explain usage of various tools and functions, and to build confidence in using these indispensable tools. 

Utilizing screen-sharing software, it’s just like you and I sitting side by side looking at the same screen. You can show me exactly the problem you’re having and I can hold your (virtual) hand and show you how to either fix it or achieve your goal.  

Initially, I’m offering sessions for the following software titles:

DxO PhotoLab
Screenflow (video screen capture software)
Elementor PageBuilder for WordPress (For Beginners)

I know these titles inside and out, especially Photoshop.

How it works:
Using the menu below, you can purchase time by-the-hour or in blocks.  When you choose the block option, you can have the time available to you with the most flexibility and cost effectiveness.  If you have a tiny problem you can’t solve, then take just 30 minutes if you think that’s what you’ll need.  If, on the other hand, say, you’re new to Photoshop then purchase a block of 3 hours and you can use it in pieces whenever you want for up to one year.  Just send me an email when you want to book and if the time slot is available we’ll book the time and you are off and running!  Easy!