Yosemite Photo Workshops


For Real.

These really are the most frequently asked questions.

During winter workshops we hike no more than 200 yards to different shooting locations.  During fall and sometimes in early spring we will go to Sentinel Dome which is a 1/2 mile hike uphill..

Although students can stay where they want, I recommend Yosemite West, which is just outside the west park boundaries in Mariposa County.  It is accessible only through the park and is only about 20 minutes from the valley.  There are condos and cabins in Yosemite West.

See http://enchantedyosemite.com or http://scenicwonders.com or if both of these are full, you can try http://whitechiefmountainlodge.com in Fish Camp.

Yes!  They are welcome to accompany us on all outings and for meals.  The more the merrier!  Oh, and at no additional charge.  Non shooting guests are free!

During winter, you are required to carry chains.  The highway patrol and park service law enforcement will enforce these requirements and you will be turned around if you do not have chains in your car.  You could also be required to install chains before being allowed to proceed if its storming or roads are covered with snow.  However, if you have 4-wheel-drive, chains are not required.

If you are driving a rental car try to get a 4-wheel-drive, otherwise you will be required to carry chains and install them if conditions warrant.  There is usually people along the way who will install you chains for you for a nominal fee, usually around $30. This is money well spent!  Any auto parts store will have chains, of which there are many along the way into the park.

We eat lunch and dinner at the Yosemite Lodge at either the cafeteria or Mountain Room restaurant.  We can also get sandwiches at Degnan’s Deli in Yosemite Village. You are free to bring your own meals, as I do for at least lunch.  You are on your own for breakfast.  The condos have kitchenettes.

There is a well-stocked grocery store in Yosemite Valley, or if you want to shop before arriving, there are the large chains stores in Fresno and Oakhurst from the south.  In Mariposa, there is one grocery store on the main road into the park.

I am at your disposal.  Usually we do night shooting for one night.  If the group as a whole wants to do night shooting then we’ll do it!

If you driving to the park from home, then bring everything you have.  Experience has shown that if you don’t bring it, you’ll need or want it.

If flying in, bring at least a 24-70mm f/2.8 and a 70-200mm f/2.8.

Most definitely!  Again, if driving in bring the largest, heaviest tripod you have.  If flying in, bring the largest, heaviest tripod you can handle on the plane.