Yosemite Photo Workshops

Yosemite in Spring

Yosemite in spring is a festival of green and moving water!  The spring runoff transforms Yosemite into a galaxy of waterfalls, inundated meadows and torrential river flows.  This creates innumerable opportunities for photography.  Motion blur of moving rivers and waterfalls.  Emergence of wildlife, the opening of high-country roads and trails.


Days are longer and temperatures are warming; average 69°F (21°C) / 39°F (4°C)

Most of Yosemite above the 6,000 ft elevation is still blanketed in snow and may not completely clear until mid-July!

During spring, Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road open to visitors

The rivers are torrents, offering plenty of opportunities for motion-blur photography. 

Wildlife activity is increasing; bear sightings peak in May and early June.

Although high country trails are still under snow, many trails up to the 6,000 foot elevation open for day hikes and limited overnight camping.


Average high in ºF485158647181
Average low in ºF293034384551
Av. precipitation in inch6.546.665.152.791.660.65
Av. snowfall in inch1745100
Average high in ºF898982715647
Average low in ºF575651423328
Av. precipitation in inch0.380.110.652.114.585.45
Av. snowfall in inch000035

Yosemite Early Spring Waterfalls #1

Fri-Sat-Sun, 5/9/22 to 5/11/22

Winter in Yosemite is the season most people miss.

The crowds are gone, no waiting for anything! Yet, winter storms can bring opportunities for shooting that are unequaled anywhere. Snow can blanket the valley for gorgeous winter setups, ice hangs off the cliffs in patterns that make you glad you brought your 400mm lens. The mist after a rain storm can bring mist that hangs off the cliffs and rocks for sunset shots you will not believe.

We will also try to shoot the famous Horsetail Fall that occurs during the last two weeks of February. We’ll avoid the crowds by going to places I have personally scouted for solitude and a view of the fall that no one else will see. Although not guaranteed, if conditions allow for the maximum splendor of this effect, you will not believe your eyes as the waterfall changes color with the shifting position of the sun.

Lodging is less expensive and more readily available.

$ 975
  • Includes Workshop Only

Yosemite Early Spring Waterfalls #2

Tue-Wed-Thu, 5/13/22 to 5/15/22

Spring in Yosemite!  Everything is new again.

This is the time that the waterfalls are at their peak flow, water thundering down, something people envision when they think of Yosemite.  In spring, the snowmelt process from the higher elevations flushes water down rivers into the valley over various waterfalls, some without names, and it never ceases to amaze.  The Merced River is full, moving fast and offering incredible opportunities for motion-blur photography.

Meadows are green, trees are sprouting their bright green display and, well, water is just everywhere.  This is also the time that the roads in the higher elevations open for access to Glacier Point, Washburn Point and Sentinel Dome.  Although not guaranteed, in some years of reduced snowpack, we can get up to the high country to Tuolumne Meadows and all the areas along Tioga Road, including Mono Lake if folks want to go.  This is also a very unpredictable time for weather; I’ve seen snow storms in May and warm, sunny days the day after.  Very exciting for shooting opportunities!  Join us for an esxciting time in Yosemite!  If you’ve ever wanted to see Yosemite Waterfalls in their dexalted glory, now ifs the time!

$ 975
  • Includes Workshop Only