Yosemite Photo Workshops

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Please review the information below to ensure you get the most out of the experience!

Of course, you can stay anywhere you wish, but we try to get everyone in the same place to simplify convening each day and dropping folks off.  I recommend Yosemite West Condos in the residential community of Yosemite West, which lies just outside of the YNP boundary.  YW is about 20 minutes from the valley floor.  The only way TO Yosemite West is through the park, so when you make your reservation, your confirmation is your entrance into the park; no need for a day pass.

Two property management companies that rent condos is Enchanted Yosemite and Scenic Wonders

Breakfast will be your own choosing. For lunch we will eat primarily at the Yosemite Lodge Food Court, now called BaseCamp Eatery which has a wide menu.  You are welcome, of course, to bring your own food for special diets and to make your own sandwiches for the hiking and Glacier Point Road excursions.  For hiking and Glacier Point Road, we will get sandwiches from Degnan’s Deli, which makes dee-licious sandwiches special wrapped for trail hiking, or you may bring your own.

You are responsible for getting to Yosemite National Park.  For those flying in from distant locations, it is recommended you fly in to Fresno (American Airlines has direct connecting flights from Dallas) and then rent a car.  I have found that once in a while participants have to leave early for family emergencies, sickness, etc and so as not to disturb the agenda for remaining participants, your ability to travel independently is important.

As for local transportation, we will carpool to the various shooting locations.  

Items to Bring
Although it does not matter what equipment you have, you will get the most out of it if your camera has manual settings and shoots RAW and the ability to connect a cable shutter release. 

Your mask.

Obviously, bring your wide-angle lenses.  Bring telephotos as well if you have them; you’ll use them more than you think.
Best tripod you can muster w/ extra clamp plates.
You’ll be very disappointed if you lose your one and only tripod clamp plate… (This happened one time)

Bring your cable release!!

Polarizing filter!
Split-density filters; one 2-stop and one 4-stop.
Neutral density filters; one 4-stop one 8-stop if possible.  We will do a great deal with motion-blur photography.  You will need at least 12 stops of neutral density.

Don’t forget your lens shades

Extra memory cards and spare camera batteries

Bring your camera’s owner’s manual, especially if you are a Nikon or Sony shooter; this will help solve problems with settings.

Bring several lens cloths and cleaning liquid; I will have liquid, but bring your own cloths, if possible please.

Be sure you have a wearable backpack photo case for daily hiking trips.

Laptop computer with spare batteries.  Don’t forget your CF card reader!!  People forget these all the time!

Rain and cold weather gear, both for your equipment and for you.  Winter shooting could involve standing out in the rain or snow. Water-proof hiking boots would be very useful, especially in winter.